Adon Olam/A Love Supreme

Adon Olam/A Love Supreme - Live at the JCC of Memphis, December 28th 2019

Interview with Jason Caplan - "Eye on Israel"

Music and Spirituality

Jason talks about the connection between music, spirituality, the unique beauty of Memphis, playing in Naqshon's Leap and the Universal Language Room


A music that shares in the spirit of Our Creator


Naqshon's Leap is a project designed to share the spirit that moves us and brings the melodies to the world.  Our extended music community includes Bahai, Jewish, Sikh, Christian, Muslim musicians coming together to show the power of music to create community

The Musicians


Jason Caplan- founder, writer, guitar

Gilbert Smith - writer, vocals

Laurice Lanier - vocals

Dalion Russell- drums

Cecil McDaniel - Bass

Manjeet Singh - Tabla drums

Stephen Wachtel - saxophone

Naqshon's Challenge


Our music asks the question -  can we as one human family, find the highest unity, through music as the universal language?  Take the Naqshon challenge, transcend language to universal communication.