About Naqshon's Leap


The original leap of faith

Naqshon ben Amminadav was the prince of the tribe of Judah.   He leapt in to Sea of Reeds, even with the water to his face,  placing his full trust in the Creator.  On the merit of his great courage, the Rabbbis say the sea split open. 

The Vision

The Vision of Naqhon's Leap is the true power of music to create instant community and collabration.  We sing "One G-d, One human family, One Love, that's all that I want to see"

Current Music

We had the great honor to perform at the Jewish Community Center in Memphis, Dec 2019

Share the big news

We are recording 3 new songs in Memphis, TN

Best question

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Announce coming events

Members of Naqshon's Leap are building a project in Memphis called The Universal Language Room.  For more information visit: www.ulr1.com